xoxo, nono


Nono close upNoelle Palm is an incredibly talented Artist. Her art has always inspired me and her use of it to heal herself and spread love makes me so crazy proud of her!

Valentine’s Day is not an easy holiday for the ‘singles’ out there, and that’s forty-some percent of adults in this country. Days before V-day, Noelle had the downs. Now she isn’t really the type to reach out when she’s feeling low, instead she turned to her art, her LOVE ROCKS to be specific.

Two years earlier around Easter, Noelle started her Love Rocks project. Inspired by Banksy, but not interested in defacing public property, she started to decorate rocks; she then took these beautiful pieces of art signed xoxo, nono and spread them around Los Angeles. She created an easter egg hunt, for lucky passerby-ers with a keen eye to take one home as a keepsake.

cropped-nono-love-rocks1.pngSo this past Valentine’s week, feeling down and out, Noelle sat in front of a pile of rocks and went to work. She then hit the trails and parks to share them. I watched it all unfold on her Instagram. When we met up for dinner and a catch up a few nights after Love Day, she brought me my own love rock. I told her how excited I was to virtually watch her spread the love. We empathized with each other’s initial feelings of lack brought about by the impending holiday, and then Noelle revealed how each heart she drew and each hike she took brought her joy and a new perspective. Creating and spreading love made her feel a whole lot better, and I’ll wager that the lucky souls that found her rocks felt all that healing LOVE! I know I did.
love rock full moon

I’m soo proud of you Noelle!


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