Bekah at The Counting Crows

Bekah at The Counting Crows concert

My friend Bekah loves music. We met through shared singer/songwriter friends at The Hotel Cafe, an intimate, renowned singer/songwriter venue in Los Angeles. Bekah teaches 1st grade. On many occasions, she’s invited her musical friends into her classroom to play for her students.  I am already so proud of her for being a teacher and prouder for sharing her passion for song with these kids, but the other day she told me something that blew my mind.

Bekah musical guest

Jamie Drake playing music in Bekah’s classroom

Every morning after the kids have had some free time, she plays a song to get their attention. It’s always the same song.

sometimes in our lives...

The children hear the first bars and they start to clean up, then circle up, sitting cross-legged side by side. Bekah could have picked so many songs, she picked Lean on Me. Lean on me!!!!!! I mean…could there be a more perfect song? The kids love it. They put their arms around each other and sway.  When they get to their favorite part, they shout along…

We all need somebody to lean on

The thought of those kids swaying back and forth to Bill Withers makes me so happy. 

Bekah and her students

Bekah and her students

Bekah, I’m soo proud of you!

If you haven’t started singing it already. Treat yourself to a listening party, sing, sway, shout, channel your inner 6 year old!



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