Rebecca Snavely

Rebecca Snavely

My friend Rebecca is a fantastic and formidable writer. Just last week her piece Creating a Community of Healers: Trauma Tapping Therapy in the Congo was posted on the Huffington Post! I’m so proud of you, Rebecca!

Often, when I make a new friend, I want to share their brilliance with all my other friends. This is overwhelmingly the case with Rebecca Snavely.

Here are some of my favorite things & crazy quirks about the one of a kind, artistic & angelic Rebecca.

She doesn’t have a car. Did I mention Rebecca lives in Los Angeles. What?!! I know, it’s craaaazy, but she manages. She walks, a lot, and that encourages her to ‘stop and smell the roses.’ Friend her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram, and you’ll get a lovely pictorial perspective on walking in LA.

She’s surrounded by books. Incredibly well read, she’s always at the ready to recommend the perfect tome.

somewhere under these books is Rebecca's bedside table

somewhere under these books is Rebecca’s bedside table

She’s not afraid to speak up and join the conversation. The night I met Rebecca, we were both at the same swanky neighborhood bar. I was boring some guy telling him about Brené Brown’s TedTalk, when she busted into, I mean… joined the conversation, “I LOVE that TedTalk, have you listen to Elizabeth Gilbert’s?” A match made in heaven! She’s the only one who asked for my number that night, and I am so glad she did because our friendship was born.

She writes daily. If you are interested in following blogs eloquently written by a kind and fearless woman who gives her voice to social activism and expanding consciousness, Rebecca is your Gal. Check her out on her blog The Butterfly Effect, on Action Kivu’s blog or on The City Farm.

She is the highlight of my Facebook newsfeed. Whether she is posting an excerpt from a book that she is reading, uploading a photo from a sunrise stroll, or sharing an article that got her attention that morning, her insightful, vulnerable musings both educate me and inspire me daily.

Silverlake Sunrise photocred@Rebecca Snavely

Silverlake Sunrise photocred@Rebecca Snavely

She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Action Kivu  a non-profit organization working to educate and empower the women and children of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Fours years ago, Rebecca and her friend Cate Haight (you’ll be hearing more about Cate very soon) were both reading Half The Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. The plight of the women in the Congo gripped their hearts; they knew that had to do something. They began with a blog, Cate and Rebecca Save the World and were soon introduced to Amani Metabaro, a Congolese man and advocate for the women of his country. Together they started Action Kivu, and today they help women with resources like literacy training and sewing school.

Cate and Rebecca with the Women of the Mumosho sewing workshop. Congo January 2012

Cate and Rebecca with the Women of the Mumosho sewing workshop. Congo January 2012

She is a dreamer. This makes her one of my favorite kind of people. Rebecca dreams of combining a career of writing and overseeing Action Kivu’s work. She dreams of making Action Kivu more and more successful, so they can continue to help Amani empower the women and children of the Congo.

Rebecca, I’m soo proud of you!

Here’s a link if you’re inspired to learn more about Action Kivu or donate.


One thought on “Rebecca

  1. Tamara, I meet wonderful, lovely, compassionate, talented, inspiring Rebecca in a similar manner. She responded to something I wrote on and we’ve been friends ever since. Lucky for me, she has family in the city where I live and she always makes time for me to meet her in one of our many wonderful coffee shops for absolutely stimulating conversation. I love this woman!

    Portland, OR

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