Cate Haight

Cate Haight

Allow me to brag, shout, gush about my friend Cate Haight. A bright, whip-smart, and talented woman making her mark in the entertainment industry as a successful editor. Her impressive resume includes the first season of New Girl and the pilot episode of Girls, as well as the award winning independent feature film Afternoon Delight, written and directed by Jill Soloway.

In 2012 Cate teamed up with Soloway, an accomplished television writer, when Jill was looking for an editor for her short film Una Hora Por Favora. The short had little to no budget for an editor, so like many relationships in Hollywood, theirs was born from a solid foundation of risk mixed with faith in the other’s talents.  Their belief in each other paid off: they went to Sundance with the short and soon after joined up for Afternoon Delight. Then came Transparent.

Cate is the editor of Transparent, the Soloway-helmed Amazon pilot that just got an official series order. I’m giddy about the news, happy for everyone involved with this brilliantly written, phenomenally acted, directed and edited show. Congrats Cate!

Amy Landecker, Jeffrey Tambor, Jay Duplass and Gaby Hoffmann in 'Transparent'

Amy Landecker, Jeffrey Tambor, Jay Duplass and Gaby Hoffmann in ‘Transparent’

I look at Cate and I see a woman thriving in the entertainment industry. She told me that when she started working with Soloway, she got lucky, seriously lucky. I love that about Cate! She’s been at this long enough, years in post-production, ten years as an assistant editor before striking out on her own, she’s unbelievably versed at her craft, and she’s proven herself a wonderful collaborator… and still, she has the grace to feel lucky. Her enthusiasm for this project is palpable, she’s proud of the work and the people she works with.  Her gratitude is inspiring.

Cate at the Afternoon Delight Premiere. Her name is on the poster!

Cate at the Afternoon Delight Premiere. Her name is on the poster!

Also inspiring is Cate’s huge heart. A great collaborator in and out of the editing room, Cate and her partner in crime…I mean, ‘partner in saving the world,’ Rebecca Snavely, started the non profit Action Kivu. Inspired by the book “Half the Sky” and the horrific plight of the women in the Republic of Congo, Cate and Snavely made a pact to do whatever they could to help. Through their journalist friend Kevin Sites, they met Amani Matabaro, a Congolese man and advocate for the women of his country. They nurtured a relationship with Amani over Skype and eventually met him in Baltimore when Amani came stateside for a program at Johns Hopkins. The three formed Action Kivu and just before New Years 2011/January 2012, Cate and Rebecca visited Amani in the Congo.

Cate in Congo

Cate with Women of the Mumosho sewing workshop. Congo January 2012

At the end of that trip, Cate traveled straight from the Congo to Park City, Utah to attend the Sundance Film Festival with Soloway and Una Hora Por Favora. Talk about intense culture shock, it’s awesome how dedicated she is to her work and philanthropy. Rebecca sums her up perfectly, “Cate’s the kind of person who gets things done.”

I’m soo proud of you, Cate!

Action Kivu focuses on empowering women through literacy programs and sewing training.  Currently working as volunteers, 100% of your donations go directly to the work on the ground in Congo, and they are grateful for and dependent on your donations, dollars that make a substantial difference in the lives of these women. $150 / month pays one of the sewing trainers, and $195 purchases a sewing kit for the new graduates to start a small business of their own. More donations are necessary to keep making a difference. Join Cate and Rebecca in saving the world. Donate.

Read about Rebecca, and why I’m soo proud of her!

Tell someone that you are proud of them today!


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