Yogi Roth, a man of integrity with a mad case of wanderlust, is ready to inspire you to get up and go!

Yogi Roth sailing Cape Horn February 2014

Yogi Roth sailing Cape Horn February 2014

 I met Yogi a little over a year ago. As people do, we became facebook friends. I found myself getting to know him as his posts popped up on my news feed. This past February he set off on an adventure that blew me away. Yogi set sail around Cape Horn to retrace the same voyage that his great, great, great (three greats) grandfather took in 1858.  This particular trip was a looong time coming. Yogi’s journey started at eight years old when he found the journal of his thrice great grandfather. Inspired by the kindred spirit who lost everything and took to the seas for 387 days, a very young Yogi vowed to one day sail the same waters. While Yogi posted photos and musings about his adventure, I read along, feeling inspired, liking, sharing and following his story.

I reached out to Yogi to find out more about the adventure-preneur, living his LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS. I found out that for the past 10 years Yogi has worked hard to create a dream career in sports broadcasting for college football. Watch Yogi’s TedxTalk and you’ll understand how football really was his first love. Now he is a college football analyst, who also produces documentaries that feature college teams. Yogi works tirelessly from the late summer through fall doing a job that he loves! That, in and of itself, is crazy inspiring to me! But there’s so much more to Yogi. After the bowl games end, while the new year is still unfolding, Yogi puts away the pigskin and picks up a map, embracing his current love, travel!

Yogi Living Life Without Limits

Yogi Living Life Without Limits

Yogi takes a trip…Actually Yogi takes a pilgrimage. After years of setting off on his own to explore the world, Yogi made a call to action. He posted a video encouraging people to join him for a two-week stroll, or rather a looong walk on the Camino De Santiago, The Way of St. James. On June 5th, 2013 Yogi met up with a group of inspired travelers in Portugal and they started their journey. Their group grew as they walked through Spain and into France. His one requirement was that each traveler become a storyteller, “Learn someone else’s story each day and share it anyway you choose. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Instagram, blog, journal and more while tagging each post with #LWOL.”

Yogi’s love affair with traveling and his expertise in broadcasting are turning him into a documentarian. He has partnered up with a production company to capture his odysseys. I can’t wait to see these docs, to watch Yogi the Storyteller in action, connecting with fellow travelers and exploring the world.

Yogi recently told me, “Really all I’m trying to do is help one person get up and go…To inspire them.”

 Umm, Yogi, it’s working! Where do we go next? I’m in!

 Yogi Roth, I’m soo proud of you!

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