Adams Carpenters

Adam Carpenter

Adam Carpenter

I met Adam through my friend Minnow, who took a clowning class with him. Not like circus, birthday party clown, more like the art of clowning: part improv, part physical theater, part joy creation. Adam and I were both at Minnow’s birthday/dance party last September, where I was on my first and most likely, my last “cleanse.”

 Sober, yet deliriously high from 6 days of consuming a ridiculous amount of apple juice coupled with a clean vegan diet, I remember feeling spacey and witless. The first chords of Michael Jackson’s BAD started to play and our group of clowns and artists immediately started a fake dance battle. I pretend-karate-chopped Adam and he slow-motion shoved me. With little to no contact from him, I started tumbling backwards, picking up speed, watching Adam’s eyes go wide. I nearly crashed into the bar when Minnow’s husband caught me. It was a near epic, un-intended pratfall. Realizing how weak I had become on this dumb cleanse made me laugh. I wish I could have captured it all on video.

 Later I discovered that’s what Adam does, he makes awesome videos!Adam Carpenter Instagram

Adam Carpenter is a JOY CREATOR, spreading joy through killer dance moves, gyrating beats, and compelling stories all in 15 second videos!

Adam Carpenter on Instagram

Adam Carpenter on Instagram

Though he is an Instagram sensation, I stumbled across him on Facebook when he popped up via SoulPancake in my news feed. This was the video I watched of him and the good peeps of SoulPancake.

I clicked over to his page to see more. I remember thinking…WHAAATTTT?!!! I practically swooned in a pretend dance battled with that guy! This is amazing! I couldn’t stop watching.

Since Adam’s first post in October 2013 he’s amassed 44,800-plus Instagram followers. I’m so excited for him! His videos are funny, imaginative, endearing, original, poetic, super weird and soo silly, and they brighten up my day. It takes Adam a lot longer than 15 seconds to make them, but he’s motivated and consistant. I’m crazy inspired by his creativity, dedication and follow-through.

Here are some of my favorites!

Freaky Friday

A post shared by Adam Carpenter (@adamscarpenters) on

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Find your faves. Be entertained. Feel the joy.

I’m soo proud of you, Adam!

For more on Adam and his process, check out this great interview by John Barrios, a contributing editor for Nailed Magazine.

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