Jimmy Bartz

Jimmy Bartz is a Love-Spreading Difference-Maker.

jimmy close up So Jimmy Bartz is one of the coolest dudes I know. He’s super down to earth, refreshingly honest, incredibly grounded and practical. I mean…soo practical. Jimmy doesn’t sugar coat things. I love that whenever I’ve gone to him for advice, I secretly just hope he’ll tell me that everything is going to be ok. Actually I want him to tell me, “Tam you’re awesome, don’t worry about a thing. It’s all going to work out perfectly!!” But, Jimmy doesn’t play that way. He’ll listen and advise, and then tell me something along the lines of, “…it’ll get better…unless it doesn’t…and either way you’ll probably be ok.” He’s right. I will be ok, partly because I’m not alone. I have people like Jimmy to reach out to.

Right of the bat, I want to introduce you to his TEDx Talk, “The Effects of Courage”.

Jimmy Bartz is an Episcopal Priest. He’s my priest and my friend…he’s my Sunday. When I miss a Sunday, I make sure to listen to his Thad’s Talk online.

This Sunday will be Jimmy’s last at Thad’s for the next four months cause Jimmy is TAKING A SABBATICAL!!!! (freaked out faced emoticon)  I couldn’t be more proud and excited for him!

Let me back up a bit. Eight years ago, Jimmy started Thad’s, an emergent church in Los Angeles. Thad’s is so much more that what I’d imagined a church to be, it’s a community, a mission, it’s music and it’s a family. Thad’s is a ‘practice’ where ‘everybody’s in’. With Jimmy at the helm, we encourage each other to ‘get closer’, to get quiet, and to be ‘love-spreading difference-makers’.

My life in LA is so much richer thanks to Thad’s. I’m indebted to Jimmy for that! His dedication and practice of showing up set an example that has encouraged others to do the same. Each Sunday, I’m surrounded by wonderful friends whose presence creates roots that create community. I’m so grateful to know the roots I’ve created are inspired by Jimmy’s commitment.

Laundry Love Venice

Laundry Love Venice

Now I get it. When you put love + practice + consistency together you get something good that’s contagious, and that goodness manifests in all sorts of ways that you may not expect. I can see how it’s manifesting in my life. I can see how it manifests through service to others.

Jimmy helping a Veteran surf with Waves of Valor.

Jimmy helping a Veteran surf with Waves of Valor.

In eight years Jimmy’s never had an extended break from growing and nurturing the Thad’s community. Now he’s been given a grant to take this time away and I think it’s awesome!

I’m reminded of the Brené Brown quote. “Cultivate rest and play. Let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth.”

brene cultivare

Jimmy is going to surf, climb mountains, spend quality time with mentors, and make precious memories with his beautiful family. I’m proud of Jimmy for taking some extended time to cultivate rest and play, to feed himself spiritually.

Jimmy Bartz "Mountain Man"

Jimmy Bartz “Mountain Climber”

There’s risk involved. How will the ship sail without him? Well…it will…unless it doesn’t… The thing about Jimmy, he’s a natural risk-taker. Jimmy took a risk starting Thad’s. He’s ready to take a risk to let it continue without him for a few months. I have a pretty good feeling that Thad’s will probably be ok.

Brave-Brene-Brown Jimmy Bartz is the embodiment of practicing wholeheartedness and showing up to live the God Love Life. I’m excited for him and the four months ahead. Not sure how easy it will be for him to switch gears. I want to encourage Jimmy to take it day by day, to practice showing up for his sabbatical, to rest, play, and connect. I’ve no doubt his practice will manifest some pretty rockin’ love-spreading goodness.

Jimmy Bartz, I’m soo proud of you!  Happy Trails to you Cindy, Jas & Jade!

Jimmy & Cindy! Hook 'em!

Jimmy & Cindy! Hook ’em!

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