Amani Matabaro is a Community Builder!

I was recently invited to meet him by Rebecca Snavely and Cate Haight, the founders of Action Kivu. Amani is their Congolese partner and together the three are on a mission to heal and empower the victims of conflict in Congo.

Cate, Amani and Rebecca in Los Angeles Summer 2014.

Congo is rife with a painful history of violence and instability. Amani spoke about his country and shared his story. He lost both of his parents in a wave of fighting after the Rwanda Genocide. Tenacious about finishing his education, Amani has worked as both an educator and an interpreter. He founded ABFEK, Actions pour le Bien être de la Femme et de l’Enfant au Kivu. Along with his wife Amini and an inspiring staff, they run a literacy and education program for children and teenage moms, as well as, a sewing program that teaches these young mother’s, victims of rape, how to sew, giving them a skill to help them create a life for themselves. They have also created a Peace Market for members of the community to meet up, buying and selling goods!!

Amani, I’m soo proud of you!

Read more about Rebecca and Cate!

Help heal and empower the beautifully resilient women and children of Congo by making a donation to Action Kivu!!!

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