Audrey is a runner. She is one of those people that you meet and immediately like. She’s grounded and kind and she exudes mindfulness. She’s also been diagnosed with not one but, two auto immune diseases, and yet, she recently ran her thirtieth marathon…3…0, What?!!!! Audrey is an inspiration and I’m so so so proud of her!

Audrey Evans

Audrey Evans

“I hope to be an inspiration to other people who receive a potentially scary diagnosis to realize that it’s not the be all and end all. We should listen to our Doctors, we should take medication mindfully, but we should still continue to do as much as we can or as much as we want to.” – Audrey Evans

Audrey ran her first marathon at sixteen. She was the first girl at her high school, Pali High, to run a marathon. Four years later, Audrey received her first diagnosis, Lupus. She was told her case was mild, so Audrey kept running and that year she ran her fifth marathon.

Eventually, Audrey experienced some struggles and setbacks from her diagnosis. At this point she was on her career path, working in film editing on high profile films as an Assistant Editor. She faced a much more serious diagnosis of lupus and was put on pregnazone for two years. She listened to her Doctors and she took the medication, but she vowed when she got off it she was going to be more mindful. She stuck to her word and continued to run.

Audrey Evans

Audrey Evans

Then Audrey was diagnosed with another auto immune disorder called PBS, Primary biliary cirrhosis, a cirrhosis of the bile ducks. She’s been told that regardless of what she does, in 10 years she can look forward to a liver transplant. That’s a major diagnosis and a horrifying projection. In spite of it, Audrey hasn’t let anything hold her back.  Eight years ago, she left her editing career to start a new one as a personal trainer. She loves it! She’s created a life that she enjoys with way less stress and embraced a plant strong diet. She refuses to accept that she has a disease.

“It’s important to make the distinction between a diagnosis and a disease. I don’t have a disease, I have a diagnosis. And, I’m able to do more than most people who don’t have a diagnosis.” – Audrey Evans

 Two stinky diagnoses and THIRTY marathons!!!

Audrey, I’m soo proud of you!!!!

A lil Q&A with Audrey:

POY: Back in your Pali High days, who or what inspired you to run that first marathon?

AUDREY:  I was inspired by Frank Shorter in the 1972 Olympics and always thought it would be cool to run the distance. When I joined the x country team, a number of the guys had run very respectable times. I wanted to give it a try!

POY: I recently heard someone say healthy habits create happiness. Regardless of whether you are training for a marathon, you still show up daily to take of yourself.  Are there some healthy habits that you could share about that help you stay connected to well-being?

AUDREY: Prayer and meditation help me tremendously! They help improve conscious contact with my Higher Power, which is the most important relationship I have. I have been doing The Course in Miracles for 4 years 🙂

POY: Is there someone in your life that you are crazy proud of right now?

AUDREY: There is no one person in my life right now that I can say I’m crazy proud of, though there are a number of people that I admire like crazy and who inspire me to no end.

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