I’m not surprised that Matthew Shaffer wrote a book. Nor am I surprised that it’s a great book!!! So You Want to be a Dancer: Practical Advice and True Stories from a Working Professional, is a must read for aspiring dancers and perfomers alike.


Go find SO YOU WANT TO BE A DANCER on a bookshelf at your local bookstore!!

What pleasantly overwhelms me is how Matt’s boundless talent, work ethic, tenacity, and larger than life creativity so perfectly fill the pages of his book. How awesome it is that I can hold in my hands a piece of my friend… it’s paper & ink & Mattie!


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If you know someone that has a dream to purse their love of dance, singing or acting, please tell them about this book. There is so much grounded advice and the stories from Matthew’s years of experience in the dance world are crazy entertaining, as well as endearing.

Dancers, Actors, Writers, Directors & Producers, Matthew Shaffer and Jeffrey Peyton ham it up!

Dancers, actors, writers, directors & producers, Matthew Shaffer and Jeffrey Peyton know how to “Make Em Laugh”!

Thank you Mattie for sharing your vulnerability… for giving so much of yourself through this work of art. You are inspired, and that very special trait is contagious… I am grateful.

 Matthew Shaffer I’m soo proud of you!

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