inspired by

Uncle Frank

In 2011, FUncle Frankrank Potenza, Jimmy Kimmel’s real life Uncle and his security guard sidekick on Jimmy Kimmel Live, lost his battle with cancer. Uncle Frank was the kindest man; he honestly always took time to talk to anyone and everyone. When he passed, his three beautiful daughters, Ann, Sally and Micki shared stories about how their Dad always told them, “I’m proud of you.” It’s such a powerful and loving statement and if you ever met Uncle Frank, then you understand how generous he was with it.

In 2012, my Dad was struggling with health problems; it was a scary, anxious time for my whole family. Looking back, I realize that’s when I started to tell my Dad, “I’m proud of you.” Frank’s effortless words made a huge impression on me. They brought me grace during a tough time, and they lifted my Dad up.  I’m so grateful to Uncle Frank and proud of him. In memoriam, he is a huge inspiration for this blog, he inspires me daily to tell loved ones  “I’m soo proud of you!”

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